Bird Feeder - Large

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Bird Feeder - The LARGER Scatter-free Bird Feeder This large crystal-clear acrylic feeder is designed for birds up to the size of the African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Alexander, smaller to medium-sized Cockatoo and more. Eliminates mess and saves money. Dimension: ~ 8" HIGH x 8" WIDE x 8" DEEP"- Please measure your feeder door to insure that the Tidy Seed Bird Feeder will fit appropriately for outside the bird cage use. The Birdfeeder contains your bird's seeds, keeps the cage cleaner and your floor cleaner.

•Contains the Mess •Great visibility of your pet and the food •Saves Money on Seed •Low Maintenance - Easy to clean •No Assembly Required - Attaches Inside or Outside the Cage •Built in Perch •Durable Crystal Clear Acrylic •Easy to Fill •Easy to Remove