Clear View Bird Carrier and Travel Cage

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  • Suggested for Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Caciques, African Greys, s, Mini Macaws, small Cockatoos, and other similar size parrots
  • Bird safe, economical, convenient, and nearly impossible to break this durable polycarbonate parrot carrier which will give you years of service
  • Stainless steel door with parrot proof latch and stainless steel back panel ensures adequate cross ventilation
  • Handle doubles as an exterior perch when traveling; Adjustable perch and provisions for two10-Ounce bolt on cups (not included)
  • Easily assembles in just minutes with press fit construction; no nuts and bolts
Traveling By Car With A Parrot Is Not Always Simple. Is The Carrier Safe Will Your Bird Destroy It And/Or Injure Himself Can He Escape In Transit Is It A Manageable Size For You To Carry Does It Fit Easily In The Car. The Perch & Go Parrot Travel Cage Solves All Of These Problems