Deluxe Swing 9 Inch Small .75 Inch to 1 Inch

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Deluxe Swing 9 Inch Small .75 Inch to 1 Inch Deluxe pedicure swing that will allow your bird to keep its' nails and beak trimmed. A great investment. This swing is a win-win for you and your bird. This swing would be great for any Conures Caiques Quakes and Ringnecks to trim their nails and beak on. Unlike regular concrete and morter-type perches the unique Sandy Perch coating is non-porous so guano and other stains cannot penetrate and cause discolorations. With just a quick scrubbing with a regular soft scrub brush your favorite cleanser or soap and some hot water and Sandy Perch products clean up quickly and are ready to be returned to the cage.